Part 3: The complete beginners guide to supplements.

Part 3: The complete beginners guide to supplements.

May 22nd, 2020

Where should I buy my supplements?

When buying supplements, you only have 2 options which are online or in a retail store. Both have pros and cons and you have to decide which one suits you.

Buying Online


  • You have a wide variety of products to choose from.
  • Generally cheaper to purchase
  • You have time to learn about the product and research it.
  • Convenient


  • You will likely need to wait a couple of days to receive your product
  • You cannot physically hold and look at the product
  • You might wish to speak with someone who knows more about the product them yourself


Buying in-store


  • You can use the product immediately
  • You can speak to an “qualified” staff member to help your purchase process


  • You will likely pay a premium for the product (as the manufacturer and store need to make profit, so the product is likely to have a huge mark-up)
  • The “qualified” staff member might have an agenda to sell you a “specific” product, so they make a commission or increase their stores overall profit performance ultimately taking advantage of you.
  • Having to take time out of your busy day to go purchase the product.
  • Limited time and information to research the product and to evaluate if it is a good purchase.


If you had to choose between both, I would recommend online. You can spend as much time needed to educate yourself about the product you want (just a couple of google searches) at the convenience of being at home whilst also paying less for it. If you purchase from a reputable brand who uses a good courier, you’ll likely avoid lengthy shipping delays and receive your product in good condition.

The issue we see with in-store is that your paying more money for the product, money and time driving to the store, whilst possibly being led astray by the staff member who could have an agenda to push a certain product(maybe the product is almost expired or makes them more money).

8 point checklist when purchasing your next supplement.

We have created an 8 point checklist to help you in the process of purchasing your next product. This is a straightforward

Written by Zachary Harrison

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